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If you are a provider participating in BCBSM Healthy Kids, Aetna, Meridian, WellCare Advantage, Lumeris PHP or Dental Care Plus you can enroll online with DentaQuest. For all other BCBSM plans, please contact your administrator to enroll.

Enroll by Mail

We encourage you to complete your credentialing application online.  However, we understand an online solution is not everyone’s preference. you prefer to complete a paper application, please call your provider relations representative.


CAQH Sign Up

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) offers a single credentialing application and an online database that contains information necessary for insurance companies to credential a provider. This allows you to submit and maintain your credentialing information at one location rather than filing with many organizations. There is no cost to file an application with CAQH and it can be completed online. Click here to visit the CAQH website.


Important Notice to All Michigan Providers

NEW DENTAL PLAN 2021! Zing Medicare Advantage

Effective January 1, 2021, DentaQuest began administering the dental benefits for Zing Medicare Advantage in Michigan. 

To confirm eligibility of Zing members, you can use the DentaQuest provider web portal available at https://govservices.dentaquest.com. If you are not registered for portal, please do so today at https://dentaquest.com/dentists/self-registration-page

The Desk Reference Guide and Office Reference Manual are available on the provider web portal under "Related Documents".

Effective January 1, 2020, DentaQuest began administering the dental benefits for Lumeris-Physician Health Partners Medicare Advantage in Michigan.

The Desk Reference Guide and Office Reference Manual is available on the provider web portal under related documents.

You are able to check and confirm eligibility of members by using the DentaQuest provider web portal https://govservices.dentaquest.com. First-time users must register at https://dentaquest.com/dentists/self-registration-page.

As of 01/01/2020, MI Meridian Medicare Plans were rebranded as WellCare and the Michigan Meridian Health Office Reference Manual, as available under “Provider Resources”, will be updated with new benefit plans. The update will not affect your current network affiliation and/or fee schedule. Please refer to the updated manual for further details.

CHAMPS notice

All providers who serve Michigan Medicaid beneficiaries are required to enroll in CHAMPS in order to receive payment from Dental Health Plans

For dates of service on or after January 1, 2019, MDHHS will prohibit contracted Medicaid Health Plans and Dental Health Plans from making payments to providers not actively enrolled in CHAMPS. Please take immediate action to enroll in CHAMPS or renew your enrollment if it has expired. You must revalidate your information with CHAMPS every 5 years.

To enroll in CHAMPS: To review instructions on this process:
  • Visit www.michigan.gov/mdhhs
  • Select “Providers” from the left side menu, then the “Providers” link
  • Click “CHAMPS” logo
  • Scroll down to “Accessing the CHAMPS System” to find the “SSO Instructions” link
If you have any questions or need assistance with enrollment, please contact the Medicaid Provider Help Line 1.800.292.2550 or email ProviderEnrollment@michigan.gov or providersupport@michigan.gov.

News & Updates

MI Dental Care Plus Office Reference Manual update
The MI Dental Care Plus (DentaTrust & DentaSpan) Office Reference Manual has been updated, effective 1/1/2020, with a new subgroup and procedure codes. Please visit the "provider resources" section to review the new ORM in detail

MI Meridian Office Reference Manual update
The MI Meridian Health Plan Office Reference manual has been updated, effective 01/01/2020, with plan name changes and benefit changes. Please visit the "Provider Resources" section to review the new ORM in detail.

Be sure your office is verifying current covered benefits for each plan.

Please remember to refer to the health plan's Office Reference Manual (ORM) for the most current benefits (CDT codes) to insure that you will receive allowable reimbursement for rendered services. A copy of the ORM is available on this page in the Provider Resources section.


Contact Information

DentaQuest Customer Service: 844-870-3977
DentaQuest Credentialing Help Desk: 800-233-1468