New DentaQuest Provider Portal

We are launching a new provider portal for our Colorado market. The new provider portal offers a variety of resources to make day-to-day functionality easy and effective. Our enhanced interface includes an intuitive landing page customized task starters. These task starters provide access to key functions including claims processing and checking member eligibility. Important notifications will display on the landing page, and live chat will be available for quick answers to questions.

For existing users the new provider portal will be launched in two separate registration groups with the following registration dates:

  • Group 1 Registration Dates: 8/13 – 8/24
  • Group 2 Registration Dates: 8/27 – 9/7
If you do not know which group you are registering in or need help with registration, please refer to the links below. If your group is not eligible to register yet, please continue to use the existing Provider Portal.

Important Communications: Registration on the New Provider Portal: