How to create a DentaQuest Provider Portal Account

If you are an enrolled Health First Colorado Dental Provider, you can sign up for a Provider Portal User Account to help you manage your Health First Colorado Members. Using the portal, you can:
-          Verify member eligibility
-          Submit and track Claims
-          Submit and track Prior Authorization Requests
-          Create and maintain user ids for provider staff
-          Sign  up for direct deposit via Electronic Funds Transfer
-          Much more!

To sign up for a Provider Portal User Account, please follow the steps below:
1.       Go to
2.       Follow the instructions to Create a Health First Colorado Dental Program Provider User Account
3.       Once your account is created, go to, and click on the Login link under “Dentists Page”
PLEASE NOTE: If you are an Enrolled Health First Colorado Dental Program Provider, and are unable to create a login or receive a message similar to the below, please call 855-225-1731 for assistance.
Screen shot of provider portal error message

To become an enrolled Health First Colorado Provider, please click here.