Preventistry is DentaQuest’s all-in approach to transforming the future of oral health.
It’s a future that prioritizes preventive care, focuses on value over volume and uses technology to increase access and transform health care systems. The goal for this future is simple and powerful: to improve the oral health of all.
How do we get there? We focus on the four pillars of Preventistry: Care. Value. Innovation. Transformation.

CARE: We know that oral health impacts overall health. And preventive care is critical to both. To create better care and better health outcomes for everyone, we are redefining what that care looks like. This means looking beyond the dental chair and into the community so people can receive care where they are — in schools, community centers and nursing homes. It means better integrating with medical care, and expanding access to create more opportunities for people to receive dental care
VALUE: The key to realizing better health through oral health is to reward value over volume. For more than two centuries, dentists have practiced using a model that incentivizes high-cost, complex procedures and focuses on the volume of care that gets delivered. It’s time for a new approach — one in which dentists are rewarded for quality health outcomes rather than the quantity of care delivered.
INNOVATION: Disrupting the status quo and investing in new solutions is essential when you want to create large-scale change. Our future demands a more compassionate, integrated oral health experience for all. That includes embracing new technologies, using minimally invasive care and focusing on prevention and whole-person health. Innovations including teledentistry, medical-dental integration and new payment models will help us get there.
TRANSFORMATION: Oral health is an essential component of our overall health that we can’t afford to silo from the rest of the health care system. It costs too much — for patients and the system. Changing this reality requires more than just expanding dental coverage; it will take a concerted, collaborative effort from every stakeholder in the system. Together, providers, policy makers, payors, employers and patients will need to work together to build a better oral health system for all.

White Paper
A Three Domain Framework to Innovating Oral Health Care
The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement is proposing a new model, a Three Domain Framework, that creates a primary care-like structure for oral health care delivery.
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Meet the Preventists
Gain inspiration from people with different professions in different communities working toward the same purpose — to advocate for system-wide change, and who go beyond what's expected to improve oral health for all.
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Helping Hands + Prevention: How Communities Like Houston Thrive
Helping hands video play
Whether from natural disaster, economic struggle, or other circumstance, communities rely on assistance and systems for support. But we often forget the healthiest future begins with prevention and education and requires focusing on all aspects of our lives.
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Preventistry in Action

What does Preventistry look like in practice?
To show the power of this transformation toward a system focused on prevention, we have been working with our oral health centers at Advantage Dental, the largest accountable care organization Oregon. By shifting away from a model that rewards volume to one that rewards value and health outcomes, Advantage Dental locations lowered costs, increased access, and improved health outcomes.



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