New to Teledentistry? Here’s What to Expect

teledentistry appointmentA lot has changed in 2020 and the dental appointment is no exception.
Telemedicine, including teledentistry, has become an important tool to help patients and providers maintain oral health from a distance. And many patients report being very happy with the experience – in a recent survey, 86% of patients said they would use teledentistry again.
But what does a teledentistry appointment look like? How can you go to the dentist without going to the dentist?
Here’s what you can expect from a teledentistry appointment:
Convenience – There are a few different ways that teledentistry is used. The most commonly understood use is live video, or a video conference between you and your dentist. You can do this from home, work, or anywhere in between. Dentist may also use technology to help facilitate more convenient care and communication, for example sending information digitally (photos, x-rays, etc.), or using mobile applications that help measure, monitor and manage dental health.
Flexibility – Schedule your teledentistry appointments to best suit your schedule and needs. With teledentistry, there is no need to allot time for travel to the dentist’s office.
Personalization – Unlike a regular dental appointment, where your dentist is going from patient to patient, a teledentistry appointment gives you a set amount of time where your provider's attention is all on you. Meeting your provider virtually humanizes the dental experience, helps build a connection between you and your dentist, and can make the next in-person visit or procedure a lot less scary.
QualityResearch shows that the quality of telemedicine care and success is equivalent to in-person visits.
Teledentistry may have become increasingly popular during the pandemic, but many dentists believe that it is here to stay. It has the potential to increase access to dental care for people who live in rural communities or cannot get to a dental office for other reasons. And it provides the flexibility and one-on-one care that makes it easier for patients to achieve better oral health.
Prioritize your health and call your dentist today to ask about teledentistry!