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Find Your Main Dentist or choose a new one to keep your smile healthy.

Your Main Dentist

Every DentaQuest member has a Main Dentist. If you did not pick a Main Dentist when you signed your child up, a Main Dentist near your home was assigned to your child. This is the Main Dentist your child would visit for most dental care. If your child has serious conditions, your child’s Main Dentist also can send your child to a specialist. At a minimum, every child should visit his/her Main Dentist every 6 months to get and maintain a healthy smile. If you need help setting up appointments for your child, you can contact us and we can help.

In the case of a counseling or referral service that DentaQuest does not cover because of moral or religious objections, DentaQuest must inform Members that the service is not covered by DentaQuest. DentaQuest will inform Members how they can obtain information from the State about how to access these services that are not covered due to moral or religious objections. At this time, DentaQuest does not have any services that would be denied due to moral or religious objections.

Unsure of Your Child’s Main Dentist or Need To Pick a New One?

If you are not sure who your child’s Main Dentist is, want to pick a new Main Dentist or need help making an appointment, you can contact us via phone. You can also email us about finding a Main Dentist, scheduling an appointment or access to services.

What if I choose to take my child to another dentist who is not my child’s Main Dentist?

Your Main Dentist will give you preventative care and will refer you to specialists as needed. You will need a referral from your Main Dentist to see another dentist. To look for a new dentist now, you can use our Online Provider Directory.

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Find a dentist with our online provider directory. Look for your plan listed below and click Find a Dentist to be taken to our search tool. Enter your location by address, city or zip code and begin your search.


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