Tips for Ages 2 - 6

Eating a lot of snacks that have sugar may give your child cavities.

Limit snacking between meals. When eating many snacks, the acid in the mouth is high. High acid levels can help make a cavity. Try to avoid sugary foods like gum, hard candies, and suckers that stay in the mouth for a long time.

Limit the eating of soft, sticky sweets that get on and in between the teeth, like chewy candy or raisins. Sticky foods stay in the mouth longer and the acid can decay the tooth.

Do reduce the damage that can be caused by sweets by serving sweets with other foods or drink.

Your child needs to eat many kinds of foods: breads, milk and milk products, meat, vegetables and fruits. Do give your child snacks that are low in sugar like vegetables, fruit, cheese, or pretzels.

Brush your teeth after eating. It is important to prevent getting cavities.

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