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 to do checklist imageRequired Provider Trainings - Due December 31st!

Annual trainings are updated annually in the Fall and should be completed each year no later than December 31st.

Trainings last updated: October 2022


We believe in and support our dentists. You are the cornerstone of our success and a partner in helping our members get and stay healthy. To help make you successful, we provide advanced technological tools and we eliminate the administrative burden associated with participating in government-sponsored programs. Beyond representing an act of public service in your community, we want your participation in our network to represent a sound business decision for your practice.

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New to DentaQuest? Join Our Network:

DentaQuest is partnered with the Arizona Association of Health Plans (AzAHP) Credentialing Alliance to streamline our credentialing and recredentialing processes. Part of this streamlined process includes utilizing the Council for Affordable Quality Care (CAQH). AzAHP has contracted with Aperture Credentialing for primary source verification (PSV) services for the Alliance.  You may receive correspondence from Aperture on behalf of DentaQuest, any requests from Aperture are legitimate and vital to the timely completion of your initial credentialing event.

Please complete the following documents and email completed documents to: initialproviderenrollment@dentaquest.com
CAQH Registration: https://www.caqh.org/


DentaQuest Recredentialing:

Your recredentialing date will be set three (3) years from the initial AzAHP credentialing date.  You will receive correspondence from Aperture on behalf of DentaQuest requesting that you complete or update a credentialing application and/or provide additional documentation in order to complete your application process. Any requests from Aperture are legitimate and vital to the timely completion of your recredentialing event.

Existing Provider/Office Update Request

If you are an existing provider and need to update information at your location, please complete the Provider Update Request Form