Sugar Snack Facts

Each time your child eats sugar, plaque in the mouth mixes with sugar to make acid. The acid hurts the teeth over time by attacking the tooth enamel.

Better Snacking Habits

Limit a child's snacking between meals, especially for sugary snacks. They cause high levels of acid in the mouth, which causes cavities. Try to avoid treats such as gum, hard candies, and suckers that stay in the mouth for a long time. Chewy candy and raisins should also be limited because these soft sweets stick on and in between the teeth, creating teeth-damaging acid.

By serving sweets with other, non-sugary foods or drink, the damage to teeth can be reduced. Do give your child snacks that are low in sugar such as vegetables, fruit, cheese and other milk products, or pretzels. Other healthy foods that are good for your child include breads, milk and milk products, meat, vegetables and fruits. And, of course, it's always good to brush your child's teeth after a meal. Brushing is the best way to prevent cavities.