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The Human Toll of COVID-19:
To Those We've Lost

From everyone here at DentaQuest, we want to recognize those we have lost to COVID-19. This pandemic has already taken the lives of more than 900,000 people across the country, and that number will continue to grow.
It is important, in the midst of our daily stresses and upended lives, to remember those we have lost — to remember that they are more than a statistic on the news every day. Many are health care providers and essential workers who are risking their lives to care for others, including dental providers. They are also our parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones, our heroes and mentors.
In times of grief, we find solace in coming together. But when an unprecedented crisis doesn’t allow us to grieve in traditional ways, the losses can be even more profound. Still, the human spirit continues to find new (and virtual) ways to support and care for each other and show that we are not alone.
For those who have lost someone, know that you are in our thoughts. For those on the frontlines, working hard to keep people safe and healthy with access to food, medicine and essential services, thank you.

For those who need additional support, the American Psychological Association offers resources for health providers, psychologists and the public on how to cope during this time.