Introducing the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement

We are passionate about and committed to revolutionizing oral health to create an effective and equitable system that results in improved oral health and well-being for everyone.

As part of our evolution and continued efforts to make a positive social impact, DentaQuest has engaged in a strategic process to leverage and integrate our pursuit of social change. In the past, the DentaQuest Foundation and DentaQuest Institute have worked separately in support of our mission to improve the oral health of all. We have taken bold steps to integrate the two organizations by creating the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement, which officially launched in 2019.

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The nonprofit DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement is laser-focused on transforming our broken health care system to enable better health through oral health.  Prioritizing person-centered care, the DentaQuest Partnership will drive health system transformation at the local, state and national levels in pursuit of DentaQuest’ s common mission – to improve the oral health of all.

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The DentaQuest Partnership will lead this revolution through grantmaking, research, care improvement initiatives, and a leading voice in three high-impact areas of focus.

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Establish single, national oral health measurement system
Pursue person-centered models of care through interprofessional practice and value-based transformation.
Advocate for public adult dental benefit to expand access
Visit the DentaQuest Partnership website for more information on the work that is being done to revolutionize oral health care and click here to sign up for DentaQuest Partnership news and updates.