Better technology means a better dental program

Accurate and efficient program management ensures members get the right service at the right time at the right cost. DentaQuest’s state-of-the-art automation system helps us administer claims and control program costs better than anyone else. Our proprietary system easily handles complex financial limitations and benefit maximums, includes up to 400 edits to minimize fraud and abuse, and can accommodate client-specific administrative and/or clinical rules.

  • Easily Integrates with State MMIS Systems to assist maximum capture of federal matching funds
  • Real-Time Processing so payments are accurate and on time
  • Transaction Auditable to ensure compliance with contract and benefit guidelines
  • Robust Portals Support provides customers and providers secure, real-time HIPAA-compliant access to data 24/7     
  • 24-Hour Integrated Voice Response System efficiently delivers timely information on eligibility, benefits, and claim status