Update Your Dental Information

It is important to have your contact information updated with ForwardHealth to ensure you receive up to date information about your Medicaid coverage.

How can I update my contact information to continue my Medicaid coverage?

1. Online
Log in to Your Wisconsin Benefits account online.
Don’t have an online account? You can easily create one at https://access.wisconsin.gov/access/.

2. Mobile App
Download the Your Wisconsin Benefits App from the Google Play or Apple store.

3. Mail
ForwardHealth sent you a Medicaid renewal form in the mail. If you have not received this, your contact information may be out of date. You can update your information by logging into your account or calling ForwardHealth. If you did receive your renewal form, complete, sign, and mail the form to the listed address. Or, print the form available online, then sign and return your information in as soon as possible to make sure you keep your Medicaid benefits.

3. Fax 
Complete, sign, and fax the ForwardHealth renewal form you received in the mail to 888-409-1979 if you live in Milwaukee County or 855-293-1822 if you do not live in Milwaukee County.

4. Call
Dial 2-1-1 while in the state of Wisconsin or call 877-947-2211 toll-free.

What do I do if I received an email to update my benefits, but I already updated my information?
If you received a “Notice of Benefit Denial or Reduction” letter from ForwardHealth, and the letter asked you for more information, submit your information soon using one of the four ways listed above.

What if I don’t update my information?
You may lose access to your current health care benefits if you do not respond by the deadline.

Do You Need More Information?
You can find more information about Medicaid deadlines related to the Public Health Emergency ending on the ForwardHealth website.