Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?

Here is some information to help with your fear:

  • Find a dentist that you like and trust. Call the number listed below for the names of dentists in your area.
  • Go see the dentist. They care about your mouth and want to help you take care of it. The more you see the dentist the better your mouth will be. Try to see your dentist two times a year.
  • If the noises scare you take music along. Relax. Breathe slowly in and out. Think of something that you really like: a favorite place or a good memory.
  • Worried about pain? Dentists have lots of new ways to work on your mouth – there is very little pain now with anything the dentist does.
  • Tell the dentist that you are afraid. The dentist will work with you on that. 

Help your children have a good dentist visit. Here’s how:

  • Brush and floss together. Put on your favorite song. Make it fun! This will help your child to learn how and will help them have good habits.
  • Tell your child that the dentist will count your teeth and clean your teeth to make your smile bright and healthy.
  • Don’t talk to your child about pain – it will scare them.
  • Don’t tell your child scary dentist stories. Don’t let brothers and sisters tell scary stories either.
  • Don’t use the words drill or shot.
Being afraid is normal. Try these tips to make visits to the dentist more stress-free.