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To help make you successful, we provide advanced technological tools and we eliminate the administrative burden associated with participating in government-sponsored programs.

Beyond representing an act of public service in your community, we want your participation in our network to represent a sound business decision for your practice.
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You can make a positive impace on the oral health of your community while making a positive effect on your practice. We go beyond the chair, connecting oral health leaders and the broader health community to improve access and outcomes for everyone. And we want you to join us.

You'll find the information you need to join our network — including an improved online enrollment and credentialing tool — in the helpful links below.

All Medicaid MCO/DMOs must utilize the Texas Association of  Health Plans’ (TAHP’s) contracted Credentialing Verification  Organization (CVO) as part of its credentialing and re-credentialing process regardless of membership in the TAHP. The CVO is responsible for receiving completed applications, attestations and primary source verification documents.

Preferred Application:
CAQH: The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) offers a single credentialing application and an online database that contains information necessary for insurance companies to credential a provider. This allows you to submit and maintain your credentialing information at one location rather than filing with many organizations. There is no cost to file an application with CAQH and it can be completed online.

Visit the CAQH website »
Download the CAQH submission form »

Texas Dental Credentialing Application:
If CAQH is not used, the “Texas Dental Credentialing Application” will be required. Rather than filling out a unique application for each Dental Plan, one newly created application will be required that satisfies the requirements of all Dental Plans.

Download the Texas Dental Credentialing Application »
Existing Provider Information
If you are an existing provider and need to update information at your location, please complete the Provider Update Request Form.

Provider Portal

Our provider portal makes it easy for you to work with DentaQuest. It lets you:
  • Check and change Main Dentist assignments
  • Check eligibility
  • Review Claims Status
  • Check benefits
New Provider Portal Registration

We have launched a new provider portal for our Texas market. The new provider portal offers a variety of resources to make day-to-day functionality easy and effective. Our enhanced interface includes an intuitive landing page customized task starters. These task starters provide access to key functions including claims processing and checking member eligibility. Important notifications will display on the landing page, and live chat will be available for quick answers to questions.
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Provider Resources

We are committed to helping make working with DentaQuest easy. To help, we provide a full range of resources you can access on your schedule, including:  
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