Serving TennCare Members

At DentaQuest, we are driven by the mission to improve oral health and achieve a nation free of dental disease, in which every person has access to quality dental care.
DentaQuest is committed to ensuring that TennCare members have access to the highest-quality, efficient dental care possible. We’re sensitive to the distinct needs of the diverse members we serve in Tennessee.
We serve as a resource for members to find a dentist in their area, solve problems and achieve better oral health. Through our management of the TennCare dental program, more children who have TennCare benefits are receiving dental care as utilization of services, including dental screenings, has increased year-over-year. TennCare members have access to care when they need it.

Working to Increase Screenings and Educate Members
We also conduct regular outreach to TennCare members to provide education and screening and to increase the number of eligible children receiving services. We work closely with community groups and other organizations that provide services to TennCare members to schedule screening and oral health education events across the state. DentaQuest is on track to exceed the contractual requirement of 72 outreach events per year, with at least 25 of these events conducted in rural areas each year.

A Resource for Members
We invite members and their guardians to contact us if they need assistance with identifying another dentist or help with receiving care or if they have questions. Call us toll-free at 1-855-418-1622 or use this site to find a dentistlocate member information or submit a question.