Dental DO's

Do keep your child’s dental appointment. If you must cancel, please call the office as soon as you can.

Before the Visit:

  • Do share with your child the good reasons for going to the dentist.
  • Do calm your child about the visit. Try not to use words such as “Hurt”, “Pain”, and “Bleeding” when talking about the visit to the dentist.
  • Do talk about your child’s first visit in a good way.
  • Do stay in the waiting room if asked to do so by the dentist or the staff.
  • Do keep friends and family  from trying to scare your child about the dentist.

At the Office:

  • Do visit the dentist with clean teeth.
  • Do bring your child’s health plan ID card.
  • Do bring only the child who has an appointment to the dental office, if possible.