TennCare Overview

DentaQuest - TennCare Dental Benefits Administrator
DentaQuest is honored to be the administrator of the TennCare Medicaid dental benefits program. DentaQuest was selected for this role after a competitive bidding process and began administering dental benefits for approximately 750,000 TennCare members on October 1, 2013.
DentaQuest is committed to ensuring patients have appropriate access to high-quality, efficient dental care.
Now, and throughout our time managing the network, it’s our goal to make it easy for patients to visit the dentist and keep their smiles healthy.

Provider Network
One of the most important duties assigned to DentaQuest was to contract with Tennessee dentists to create a network to meet the State’s requirements for appropriate access while providing a high-quality, efficient dental network to serve eligible TennCare beneficiaries.
In creating this network, DentaQuest invited eligible dentists across the state to participate in an appropriately sized network. Throughout the length of our contract with TennCare, we will continually evaluate the network and providers to ensure appropriate access, quality and efficiency.