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Annual trainings are updated annually in the Fall and should be completed each year no later than December 31st.

Trainings last updated: October 2022


We respect the contributions of providers. By providing you with advanced technological tools, we eliminate the administrative burden associated with participating in government-sponsored programs. Beyond representing an act of public service in your community, we want your participation in our network to represent a sound business decision. 


Important Dentist Information Regarding TennCare

DentaQuest began administration of the TennCare Medicaid dental benefits program on October 1, 2013. One of the most important duties assigned to DentaQuest was to contract with Tennessee providers to create a network to meet the state’s requirements for appropriate access while also ensuring high-quality, efficient dental care for eligible TennCare beneficiaries.

In creating this network, DentaQuest invited eligible dentists across the state to participate in an appropriately sized network. We have finalized contracts with providers across the state to meet appropriate access requirements and have notified providers who were not invited to participate.
Throughout the length of our contract with TennCare, we will continually evaluate the network and providers to ensure appropriate access, quality and efficiency. Toward that end and depending on need, we may extend invitations to additional providers. 

Please read below for important information about Claims Processing and Verifying Member Eligibility.  


Verifying Member Eligibility

Contracted and credentialed providers can verify member eligibility through DentaQuest’s free web portal. Providers have the ability to verify a member’s eligibility status by calling:
DentaQuest's Provider Services Line   TennCare Provider Services Line
855-418-1623   800-852-2683
Use the interactive voice response functionality or speak to a representative.   Press 2 to access provider services, then 1 for member eligibility only.