Oral Piercings And Grills (Grillz)

Oral piercing and grills (grillz, fronts) have become more common. Mouth jewelry may cause additional dental problems. You must take special care of your mouth if you wear mouth jewelry.

Oral Piercing

  • Mouth piercing can be in the lip, cheek, or tongue.
  • Your metal piercing can chip or crack your teeth.
  • You can get blood poisoning from having a mouth piercing.
  • Infections in your tongue and mouth are common when you have a piercing.
  • Gums can pull back from the piercing site.
  • A piercing can make it hard to eat or talk.

How to Take Care of Your Piercing

  • Remove tongue jewelry every day. Clean it with detergent and alcohol. Do not use jewelry cleaner.
  • Clean the hole in your tongue with a brush and use mouth rinse to help kill germs.
  • Use jewelry that is not made out of metal, if you can.

Grills/ Grillz/ Fronts

  • Food can get caught in the grill. Take out a removable grill when you are eating.
  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times per day. One time should be at bedtime.
  • Floss every day. Floss under the grill to remove stuck food.
  • Clean the grill every day. Do not use jewelry cleaner