Do you have concerns about the dental care you received?

DentaQuest wants you to be happy with your dentist and the care you get.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the care you need:
  • Read your member handbook to know what services you can get. If you have questions about the plan call DentaQuest customer service for more information.
  • Ask the dentist questions about your treatment plan. You should know what treatment you are going to have.
  • Speak to the dentist directly with concerns about your treatment.
  • If you have concerns, provide documentation to the dentist about your concerns.
  • Contact DentaQuest customer service at 1-888-286-2447 to submit a complaint if you feel your concerns have not been taken care of by the dentist.
Important things to remember about your dental benefits:
  • Do not go out of network for dental care. DentaQuest will not pay claims or pay you for treatment by a dentist that is not in network.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions about how to care for orthodontic appliances, dentures, crowns and bridges. This will help avoid future problems.
  • Always go to your scheduled appointment. If you have to cancel, please call the dentist office 24 hours in advance.
  • If you need help with transportation to your dentist appointments, call First Transit at 1-877-725-0569.

If you have concerns about your dentist and the care you received, call DentaQuest: 1-888-286-2447.