Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole Executive Orders

The Governor has issued Statewide Executive Orders for Hurricane Ian and for Tropical Storm Nicole

DentaQuest is monitoring State communications regarding Hurricane Ian and subtropical storm Nicole and will update this page accordingly.

DentaQuest of Florida will have a claims exception and expedited authorization. These processes apply to covered services provided during and outside of the grace period for services provided as a part of pre-storm evacuation and post-storm recovery. The claims exception and expedited process are applicable to participating and non-participating providers. In order for non-participating and participating providers to get reimbursed for services provided during this period the following steps are required: 

Participating Providers 

  • Services normally not requiring an authorization should be billed following the standard claims submission process, there is no additional information required to process these claims 
  • Services requiring prior-authorization will not be denied solely on the basis of not obtaining a prior authorization; in order for an authorization of payment to be provided, providers should submit their request to utilization management. 
  • In the request, please provide a point of contact in order to provide expedited authorization information 
  • Claims should be submitted through the regular claims submission process once the authorization number is provided; claims submitted without a billing number are subject to delayed processing 
  • Services must be covered benefits and appropriate billing and coding requirements continue to be applicable 
  • Our claims system requires a billing number and basic provider information in order to pay non- participating provider claims 
Non-Participating Providers 
  • Services that typically do not require a prior authorization for participating providers will only require notification and formal written request with essential clinical information. 
  • The formal credentialing process will be waived for non-participating providers; however, the provider must send the following information as part of the request: 
Contact information, Tax Identification Number, NPI Number, Service address, Medicaid number 
  • If you have questions regarding what services require prior authorization, please contact our Provider Relations Department through the number provided above 
  • For non-participating providers who are not registered with the state of Florida or out-of-state providers who have provided services to our displaced members during the grace period, should be registered with Medicaid. The Agency has provided instructions on the expedited process for providers to enroll through their portal. Please note: The portal is currently experiencing an unexpected error that is being resolved as soon as possible: 
  • Providers may also contact our provider relations department for guidance and direction on how to begin the registration process 

Emergency Contact Information:
  • Florida AHCA Member Services: Statewide Medicaid Dental Health Program
    (888) 468-5509
  • Florida Provider Services:  DentaQuest General Provider Services Queue:
    (877) 468-5581
  • Florida Healthy Kids Member Services: DentaQuest General Member Services Queue:
    (888) 696-9557

Shelter Information
For up-to-date shelter information, please visit the Florida State Emergency Response Team site at Florida Disasters Shelters.

Get A Family Plan
Hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding are just a few of the many hazards Floridians are subject to - don't wait until disaster strikes, develop a family plan today! To get started, visit Get A Family Plan.

National Hurricane Center
Visit the National Hurricane Center for up-to-date storm information.

For additional alerts and updates, visit
 The Agency For Health Care Administration (
Provisions of and Payment for Services for Hurricane Ian