Better managed networks for healthier programs

DentaQuest knows that it is networks that drive program costs. That’s why we give you an unparalleled advantage by building, structuring, and managing networks that deliver the highest quality of care at the right price. By continuously monitoring and improving performance, our seasoned specialists create tightly-crafted solutions that yield high-performance results time after time.
Building Networks

  • Time-Tested Recruitment Strategies result in broader dentist participation
  • Stringent Credentialing ensures that providers are licensed and in good standing
  • Ideal Mix of General and Specialized Dentists supports the full spectrum of member needs
  • Medicaid-Specific Networks are sensitive to the distinct requirements of government program enrollees
  • Innovative Reimbursement Methods balance the need for access and cost containment
  • Advanced Technological Tools make it easier for dental offices to participate in programs

Managing Networks

  • Ongoing, Proactive Analysis and Monitoring ensure the best use of dollars while promoting improved health outcomes
  • Advanced and Accurate Predictive Modeling monitors provider practice patterns, identifies problems, and offers corrective behavior to maximize care and costs
  • Constant Utilization Analysis reduces over-utilization of unnecessary services and under-utilization of services that promote better oral health, identifying fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Network Size and Composition Evaluation help elevate network quality and efficiency
  • Customized Reporting measures the effectiveness of networks against program goals