Taking care of your dentures

Dentures and partials are very delicate and can break easily.  When you aren’t wearing your dentures or partials, store them away from children and pets.
How to Clean Your Dentures

  • After you eat, rinse the denture with water to remove food
  • Brush your denture after each meal and before bed.  This will help prevent staining and will keep your mouth healthy.  Brush and floss your natural teeth while the denture is out of your mouth.
  • Use a separate soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your denture than you use for your natural teeth.
  • Use water, soap, toothpaste, or denture paste. Do not use scouring powder because it can scratch the denture. Do not put bleach on your denture.
  • To clean your denture, place a towel in the sink and fill the sink half full with water to protect your denture if you should drop it.
  • At night, soak your denture in water (not hot water) to keep it from drying out and changing shape.
  • Once in a while soak your denture in a solution that will disinfect it.
  • See your dentist if you have any of these problems: difficulty chewing food, cheek biting, difficulty talking, red or sore gums, pain, and cracked corners of your mouth