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Dental benefits have the power to be your health plan’s biggest source of market differentiation and leadership. Through bold strategies and inventive solutions, dental fuels your ability to attract, retain and grow your membership while significantly reducing your costs. 
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As the partner of choice for some of the largest health plans in the nation, we can unlock your dental potential. Allow us to collaborate with you to create better health outcomes for your members and a sharper competitive edge for your plan. 

Together we’ll blaze new trails with dental innovations that help you perform, lead and grow.

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Achieve top performance through proven best practices and best-in-class technologies that improve efficiency, decrease cost and simplify how you manage your dental benefits business.
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Our administration leadership improves your business performance through back-office offerings that are unrivaled in the industry. We’ve invested millions in best-in-class systems, tools and technologies that equip you to deliver dental excellence while maximizing profit and minimizing expense.

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  • Network Development and Management enables you to scale your network based on your product strategy, member needs and corporate objectives. We equip you to compete through network re-calibration while giving your providers administration ease and service excellence.
  • Claims Processing provides you with the significant savings that only 50+ years of dental claims experience and proprietary edits can provide, reducing claims costs by as much as a 10 percent.
  • Customer Service focuses the collective power of nearly 3,000 people on bringing your members exceptional dental benefits and an outstanding experience.
  • Quality and Compliance arms you to achieve the highest standards of quality assurance, reporting, issue resolution and fraud mitigation across your dental business.

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We accelerate your prevention and chronic disease management initiatives, utilizing innovative medical-dental integration strategies that increase member usage of preventive care while decreasing costly major dental procedures and general health complications.
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We combine our industry-leading innovations with yours to decrease your costs and help your members gain better health outcomes through oral health. Our medical-dental innovations are proven to increase member usage of preventive care while decreasing costly major dental procedures and general health complications.

Explore Our Leadership Solutions
  • Chronic Condition Outreach reduces medical complications caused by periodontal disease in diabetic members by advancing diabetes prevention and improving chronic disease management.
  • Emergency Dental Redirect increases member use of preventive solutions that reduce the need for emergency dental services, lowering medical costs for non-traumatic care and improving member experiences and outcomes.
  • Care Coordination expands member access and utilization of preventive care by identifying members who need help accessing services, breaking down care barriers and bridging the dental and medical delivery systems.


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Grow your dental business with inventive strategies and products that equip you to attract new members, increase loyalty, enter markets and outpace competitors at every turn.
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Together we’ll create a custom dental strategy that accelerates your business goals and maximizes your market opportunity. Our dental experts will collaborate with you to configure an offering that reflects member needs and is superior to competitive portfolios.

Explore Our Growth Solutions
  • Benefit Configuration positions your dental benefits to deliver differentiated value that addresses customer needs and surpasses market alternatives.
  • Sales and Marketing Support equips you to market and sell your offering for maximum member and revenue impact.
  • Product Development helps you create a dental product strategy that aligns with your overall business goals and spurs product enhancement and innovation.
  • Underwriting Assistance analyzes dental underwriting guidelines to advance your segment and product profitability.


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