Oral Disease Management

Treating Today's Multigenerational Patient Base

Click the link below to view the discussion led by DentaQuest and 3M about preventive care and the future of dentistry in the post-pandemic world. The expert panel touched on challenges facing the dental community, new methods in dentistry, and care delivery models that can benefit patients of all ages. In addition, they also shared technological and clinical innovations that are moving the industry in new and exciting directions.


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Learning Objectives

1. Describe the generational differences in oral health care needs.

2. Discuss how preventive oral care is linked to overall health in patients of all ages.

3. Explain an oral health provider’s decision-making process around minimally invasive restorative treatment.

4. Explain how the value-based care and reimbursement model supports better health outcomes across generations.

5. Identify the use and benefits of sealants.



Nick D. Barnette
Network Projects & Communications Manager



Christina Rego
Scientific Affairs & Education Manager  
3M Oral Care


Robert Blashka, BBA, DDA
Dental Insurance Advisor
Carola A. Carrera, DDS, PhD
Senior Research Specialist
3M Oral Care
James C. Grant, DDS
Dental Director
R Blashka Headshot
Robert Blashka, BBA, DDS
Dr. Blashka obtained his doctorate of dental surgery from New York University College of Dentistry. He joined DentaQuest in 2016 and serves as its dental director for the state of New York, responsible for helping to ensure all aspects of the clinical and dental services at the state level are maintained to the established and appropriate levels.
C Carrera Headshot Carola A. Carrera, DDS, PhD
Dr. Carrera obtained her doctorate of dental surgery and prosthodontic degree from University of Talca, Chile. She commenced with a dual career as a professor and as a dental practitioner. Later, she obtained her Ph.D. in oral biology from the University of Minnesota. Currently, she works as a senior research specialist at 3M.
J Grant Headshot James C. Grant, DDS
Dr. Grant obtained his doctorate of dental surgery from The Ohio State University. He joined DentaQuest in 2015 as its dental director for the state of Colorado. In this role, he is responsible for quality assurance, risk management, clinical education, and compliance.
James Thommes Headshot James Thommes, DDS 
Dr. Thommes obtained his doctorate of dental surgery from Loyola University Dental School in Chicago. As Vice President, Clinical Management for DentaQuest, he oversees a staff of 40 dental directors representing all specialties. He has been with the company since 1999.

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