Oral Health Leaders Look Ahead

Lack of access. Inefficient financial systems. Biases and inequities.

Our oral health care system is broken. And, like it is in so many industries, COVID-19 is making those breaks wider and deeper. How can we make progress on fixing them?

Leaders from DentaQuest and the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement explore the challenges we face and the solutions that will bring needed change.
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Moving Toward Medical-Dental Integration

“One of the most important aspects of medical-dental integration is that it holds the patient at the center — and it allows for the providers to come up with a comprehensive care plan that is inclusive of the whole patient.”
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Keeping Patients and Staff Safe During the Pandemic

“I think one of the most important things that we can continue to do is to continue to work collaboratively together to create new approaches to health care delivery. If we can do that — and continue to do that effectively and responsibility — then we’re going to emerge from the other side of this pandemic with a better health care system that is more equitable for all.”

The Rapid Rise of Teledentistry

“We’re seeing that consumers are appreciating the flexibility, the convenience and the security of teledentistry.”

Rethinking the Oral Health System

“What we have a chance to do now is to rethink the oral health system at the holistic level.”

Addressing Racism and Disparities in Oral Health

“If we take a step back and recognize that racism is a public health issue, it allows us to address the systemic impacts.”