Urgent & Emergency Care Access

Accessing Urgent & Emergency Care

Urgent and emergency care can include a range of issues that can be addressed in a dental office, helping reduce the burden on hospital emergency departments. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), dental emergencies “are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment” to stop blood loss, severe pain or infection. This includes uncontrolled bleeding; soft tissue bacterial infections with swelling that could impact breathing; or facial trauma, which also poses a breathing risk.
The ADA has also provided guidance regarding urgent dental care, including managing conditions to ease severe pain and/or risk of infection, as well as fixing serious problems with dentures and other artificial dental support.


What is a Dental Emergency?

Bleeding from
gums or teeth that does ­NOT stop
Swelling or
infection of the gums ­or mouth

Tooth that has been
knocked out


Severe tooth pain


What do you do if you need urgent or emergency care?

DentaQuest Members: If you need urgent or emergency care, contact your regular dentist’s office first to find out if they can help. If that office is not available or cannot direct you to care, contact the DentaQuest customer service team using the number on your ID card to reach local representatives. If you don’t have your ID card, get your customer service number here.

DentaQuest Patients: (Applicable for care group-affiliated practices including Advantage Dental in Oregon, Community Dental of Kentucky, Community Dental Care of Texas, DentaQuest Oral Health Center in Massachusetts, Gentech Dentist in Washington, and Sarrell Dental and Eye in Alabama) We are providing same-day emergency care to adults and children of all ages and insurance types at select locations (check the websites above for specific office information). Call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment.

DentaQuest Providers: You should have received a survey by email asking if you are accepting urgent and emergency cases. DentaQuest is using the results of that survey to properly direct members to care, as needed. If you didn’t receive the survey or would like to change your response, please contact your Provider Partner or at standardupdates@dentaquest.com.

Dental Consultation Hotline

Phone iconAs we continue to navigate the ever-changing situation created by COVID-19, our mission remains: To improve the oral health of all. By expanding access to dental care in our communities, we hope to relieve pressure on local physicians and hospital emergency rooms and reduce the potential exposure to COVID-19. DentaQuest is launching a number of Dental Consultation Hotlines to provide families with access to our dental professionals who can provide guidance on common dental concerns, at no cost to you. This is a convenient and safe way to get support from a dental provider from the comfort of your home. 
Oregon and Washington
If you live in Oregon or Washington, and are experiencing a dental emergency or concern, call 886-268-9631 to speak with one of our dental professionals that can provide guidance on a wide range of oral health topics. Visit www.advantagedental.com/dental-hotline.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or concern call 508-329-2250.


Additional Access to Care

For more options to access care during this crisis, learn about teledentistry solutions.