Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my commission schedule?

It is on the back of your DentaQuest broker agreement.
Who can I contact about my commission statement?
Email our Commission Department at or call 617-886-1024.
Can my commission check be direct deposited?
Yes, electronic funds transfer is available for the direct deposit of commission checks. Simply complete the EFT portion of our Licensing Information form found on our forms page.
How can I become a broker with DentaQuest?
Visit our Become a Broker page.
Where can my customers enroll?

Your customers can use:
  • a personalized link to our shopping website tracking sales to you.
  • your own website for enrollment and sending data to us.
For more information about these options please contact us.

When will my client receive their ID cards?
Physical ID cards should arrive within 10 business days of the time DentaQuest receives the enrollment. Online downloadable cards should be available within 24 to 48 hours after DentaQuest processes the enrollment.
Does DentaQuest prorate the premium charge for changes in enrollment? 
Yes, the amount of the premium charge the consumer incurs depends on the effective date of the addition or change.