DentaQuest is the exclusive national dental insurance
partner of TeamSmile

TeamSmile is a premier child health advocacy group that gets oral health professionals and professional athletic organizations working together to give children living in places where economic hardship is high and oral health care is not seen as a priority a once in a lifetime dental care experience. Many children have not had a dental visit previous to the TeamSmile clinic.

TeamSmile engages hundreds of volunteer dental care professionals, athletes and community volunteers in every city they visit. DentaQuest employees look forward to the opportunity to join the fun. Children receive a first look dental visit, preventive services like sealants and fluoride varnish, and even have cavities repaired. It’s a fun day the reinforces our belief that oral health is vitally important to long-term health and school success.

Over the course of year, TeamSmile hosts 30 clinics from the West Coast to the East Coast, treating 200 to 300 children per clinic. That’s
$75,000 to $125,000 work of care and dental education at each.

DentaQuest and TeamSmile with the Detroit Lions


TeamSmile Clinics

TeamSmile Map of United States


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