Oral Health Action Heroes

Boy in superhero cape and mask posing as superheroAmerica’s ToothFairy is recruiting Boy and Girl Scouts across America to be an Oral Health Action HERO in their home communities!  Kids can earn a Super HERO patch by joining America Toothfairy’s national campaign to eradicate Childhood Tooth Decay --Public Health Enemy #1! Thanks to support from DentaQuest, Scouts receive patches at no cost!

The Oral Health Super Hero Program is a fun way for kids to learn about the importance of oral health and engage in community volunteer work focused on oral health.

Oral Health Action Hero PatchThere is work involved! To earn a patch, Scouts must demonstrate that they have led three oral health projects that change the way that they and folks around them think about taking care of their mouths.

Each community has its own unique challenges when it comes to good oral health. Solutions that work in one region may not fix the issues in another. The Health Education Resources and Outreach Program (HERO) works to identify and address those specific issues at a local level.

Find the Scout Patch Project Brochure here.