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The Medical-Dental Connection

Our four divisions are united in our company mission to improve the oral health of all. We know that oral health is inextricably linked to overall health, and health plans are increasingly looking at ways to effectively integrate dental benefits into a comprehensive medical strategy that ensures the best health outcomes for members while controlling overall healthcare costs.

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DentaQuest Benefits Administration

DentaQuest Foundation
Policy and Philanthropy

DentaQuest Institute
Research and Care Improvement

DentaQuest Care Group
Care Delivery


Our strategy combines three major components that put the focus on data-driven oral health solutions. Data from our Foundation and Institute shows that we are strongly positioned at the intersection of medical and dental care – the new focus in the healthcare industry.

Put Our Expertise To Work For You

Claims costs represent by far the largest percentage of overall dental program costs. By using metric analytics to mine the largest store of government dental claims data available, DentaQuest acutely understands drivers of avoidable problems, and can quickly identify troubling trends. Our clinical expertise, utilization management and utilization review programs all promote more efficient and effective claims processing and lower costs.

Better handling of claims means a more streamlined care delivery system for our health plan clients. We use data analytics to

  • Identify claims cost drivers
  • Manage claims and improve quality of care
  • Measure provider performance
  • Modify provider and member behaviors
  • Demonstrate return on investment
  • Create quality outcomes
  • Turn good member experiences into loyal customers

A leader in medical-dental integration, DentaQuest has established best practices that focus on data-driven oral health solutions that are proven to increase lower-cost prevention while decreasing both expensive major dental procedures and general health complications. 

•  Emergency Room Diversion –Medical-Dental Integration graphic
reduces ER visits for dental issues,
where treatment is considerably more
expensive and less effective than a
dental office 
•  Primary Care Provider Integration
(PCPI) – collaboration with, and
training of, primary care physicians
to recognize and address oral health
problems early
•  Early Childhood Caries (ECC)
Collaborative – detects and treats
chronic, infectious dental disease,
which is almost 100% preventable, in
young children as early as possible to
reduce long-term oral health issues
and reduce costs.

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