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Medicare Advantage

Reach This Growing Audience

With 11,000 new people becoming eligible every day, Medicare is growing incredibly fast. Health plans that also offer dental and vision to members are especially attractive in today’s competitive marketplace.  

Health plan members who use dental and vision benefits tend to stay with their plans twice as long as those who do not. The integration of dental and vision into a health plan’s portfolio of offerings is quickly emerging as a strategic business imperative
Medicare Advantage members’ expectations are unique, and a good customer experience is vital for this population. We understand this. Our focus is on best-in-class member experience, and we work with health plans to craft benefit solutions that protect and enhance their brand while ensuring that their members are satisfied.
With 17 years of experience, DentaQuest is a proven partner that can tailor a cost-effective plan that will fit your Medicare Advantage members’ needs. Our Member Experience Program engages and educates Medicare Advantage beneficiaries through strategically targeted mailings and superior customer service. Our See A Dentist Guarantee ensures they can easily make appointments. And our expert customer service provides our members with prompt, knowledgeable and courteous support. 
Our dental and vision benefit solutions can increase your savings, improve health outcomes for your members, and build and preserve member loyalty. 

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