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The Largest Medicaid Dental Administrator in the Country

With more than 21 million members in the Medicaid space, we acutely understand the needs and responsibilities demanded by government program administration. These components can take years to develop and fine-tune, years that can be marked by costly investment and mistakes along the learning curve. 
DentaQuest already has a best-in-class benefits administration engine up and running, anchored by our $100 million fully integrated and interoperable IT system. In fact, this system was developed specifically for the administration of government programs.

Cost Control Experts

Cost control is critical to a successful and sustainable dental program. Our decades of experience have sharpened our expertise – not only with controlling costs, but doing so while improving member health. We possess the largest repository of government claims data in the country, and we use that data to uniquely understand and quickly identify cost, health, provider, and program effectiveness trends and solutions. 
  • Our claims processing systems outpace the competition in both accuracy and performance. We consistently exceed industry averages in financial accuracy, processing accuracy and auto adjudication rate. 
  • Claims costs account for as much as 95% of overall program costs, and keeping them under control is vital. Methods of claims cost management include utilization management, pre-authorizations, and claims reviews to reduce fraud, waste and abuse. 
  • Prevention and wellness programs dramatically reduce serious – and far more expensive – oral health problems later in life. Our programs leverage the known link between oral health and overall health to better manage health complications such as diabetes, and can reduce the costs of overall healthcare.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

DentaQuest is ready to help you achieve your goals. With 28 networks in 29 states, we place a premium on building strategic networks that promote utilization and ease of access for your members. Our ironclad focus on prevention seeks to lower your costs and improve member outcomes by reducing the need for more expensive treatments further down the road. We have a thorough understanding of the unique needs of Medicaid/CHIP members, and our vast IT infrastructure, understanding and abilities can give you a competitive leg up on your competition.

Our dental and vision benefit solutions can increase your savings, improve health outcomes for your members, and build and preserve member loyalty.  

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