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The Largest Medicaid Dental Administrator in the Country

With more than 50 years' experience delivering efficient and effective dental plans, we consistently exceed the needs and responsibilities demanded by government programs.

No other organization has more experience administering government-sponsored dental programs than DentaQuest. Our innovative dental benefits solutions serve more than 28 million members in state Medicaid and CHIP programs across the country. nbsp;

Experience That Delivers Results

Our best-in-class benefits administration is anchored by our $100 million fully integrated and interoperable IT system. In fact, this system was developed specifically for the administration of government programs. This, combined with the largest repository of government claims data in the country, allows us to uniquely understand and quickly identify cost, health, provider, and program effectiveness trends and solutions. . 
  • Our flexible claims processing allows us to manage costs and reduce fraud, waste and abuse through utilization management, pre-authorizations, and claims reviews.nbsp;
  • Our prevention programs leverage the known link between oral health and overall health to better manage health complications such as diabetes, and can reduce the costs of overall healthcare. 
  • We build and manage strategic networks that promote utilization and ease of access for your members.
  • We build and maintain customized utilization management programs that help ensure your members are getting the right care from the right providers at the right time.
  • In addition we bring a staff that has years of experience designing and building robust solutions to meet the unique needs of Medicaid and other government programs.

Driven by Purpose

As a purpose-driven organization, we are uniquely structured and focused to provide the knowledge, tools and programs needed to help move the industry to more efficient and effective strategies. Our benefit efforts are supported by three key areas of business, all working together to advance and raise awareness about the importance of oral health and serve the needs of our members. 
  • The DentaQuest Foundation is a leading philanthropic foundation focused solely on oral health. The Foundation emphasizes prevention, access to oral health care and partnerships with funders, providers, policy makers and community leaders. An example of our efforts is a tele-dentistry initiative that is working to facilitate the delivery of preventive care in underserved areas. 
  • The DentaQuest Institute is building the next generation of dental practice. Through its work to align clinical practice with science-based research, the DentaQuest Institute is helping oral health professionals find new ways to partner with patients to prevent oral disease while managing costs.
  • The DentaQuest Care Group is our living lab of dental care. Dedicated to a preventive model of care, our clinics in Alabama and Oregon demonstrate the power of aligning payment with quality outcomes and emphasize prevention over surgery, care in the community, and population health management.

Our focused structure gives us the expertise and breakthrough technology needed to help you meet your bottom-line goals without sacrificing quality or compliance. And every solution we build is based around our SmartGrowth approach. This combines our industry leading analytics, deep data sources, expertise and flexible benefit system to give you plans and networks that meet your specific goals for growth, cost savings, and member service.

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